Closed Loop Treatment Programs

In all closed loops whether chilled water, process water or hot water heat it is imperative to monitor the water chemistry balance. Corrosion and microbiological fouling can occur in your recirculating systems without proper monitoring.
There are several different metallurgies involved in closed-loop systems from Aluminum, mild steel, copper and stainless steel. Each metallurgy must be optimized to prevent corrosion to extend equipment life. There are specific forms of treatment for each and every metallurgy encountered


Feedwater Treatment Programs

Drew’s feedwater treatment programs can include the use of softeners, high purity water systems such as RO. We show you what actually makes up the feedwater to your heating systems and how condensate and its increased use can help with your energy consumption.
Your steam distribution system is analyzed for length and specific NSF-approved steamline treatments are recommended. Your staff will begin to understand the how and why of water treatment while taking pride in your facility's water treatment needs.